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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - and a quick update so the family won't kill me!

**********Additional Information from Korea*11/25/2010 11:30pm*******************
The following news article appeared in The Korea Herald today, N.K. strike appears tied to succession, and they suggest that the North Korean Attack was about the leadership change. Instead of handling this situation all players from Washington to Australia are acting like incompetent ninny's. If this situation spirals out of control it will not be North Korea's fault it will be the failure of diplomacy for not recognizing the game that has been played for decades and instead escalating the situation rather than diffusing it as well as the media for hyping a situation and making it appear worse than it should ever have been made to look. If I had to bet I would say this whole incident was constructed to kill 2 birds with one stone; 1) lend credibility to Kim Jong Un and 2) prepare for bargaining for food as I am sure that their crops are just as adversely affected by the weather as many of their neighbors so the yields could be pretty low for the North.

In my "Socratic Method"  post on the 23rd I presented the notion that the Korean Drama was being used to bolster Kim Jong Un's reputation As usual the Western media was firing on all cylinders hyping the Korean situation as the prelude to Armageddon, however, it appears to me to be more of a statement trying to lend a bit of the Kim Jong Il toughness to his son and soon to be leader Kim Jong Un.

*****************************End Update**********************************

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving as even in the midst of this economic mess we all still have much to be thankful for.

A quick update to yesterday's post which posits the notion that external forces are acting upon the inertia of the Dollar comes the latest article from Bloomberg.com(not some wacko conspiracy site) showing yet another small stab at US Dollar Hegemony. Dear reader you can read it for yourself and see if you draw the same conclusions that it is yet another potential "chink" in the US armor. "Putin Proposes European Trade Zone Stretching `From Lisbon to Vladivostok'"
Once again wishing all the best.

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